20″ x 30″ Prints

Why Others Are in Love with Large Photo Prints…


Pictures have the power to communicate like nothing else. When the pictures are 20×30 prints, they communicate in a big way. It is little wonder that so many people have found so many ways to use and enjoy 20×30 photo prints.

You can use your own photos to create home d├ęcor that is just as unique as you are. Remember that special sunrise from your vacation? Preserve it as a 20 x 30 picture hanging in the breakfast nook and every day will begin with glorious sunshine.

If your extended family is spread out and living miles away, decorating your child’s room or play area with poster-size pictures of faraway relatives will help him or her remember who is who and nurture feelings of being connected.

20×30 photos make distinctive gifts at anytime, especially for occasions of great accomplishment, such as a graduation or retirement, because they can capture what words cannot say. They become treasured keepsakes to preserve memories.

For small business owners, 20×30 prints can show that you have big ideas. A grouping of three 20 x 30 panels in an office or reception area offers the opportunity to showcase your products to your customers. A memorable print can also be the perfect way to say “Thank you” to your best clients.

There are just a few things to remember when choosing photos to be made into large prints. Most digital cameras for consumers with specifications of 1600 x 1200 pixels or higher will be able to produce photos that can be blown up and still retain good resolution. 35mm film cameras are capable of this as well. Single lens reflex “pro” digital cameras and 35mm film cameras have a 2:3 aspect ratio, meaning that no cropping is necessary to make 20×30 prints. Most consumer digital cameras have a 3:4 aspect ratio. In these photos, there will be a slight cropping of the 20″ dimension.

To fully appreciate a photo, bigger just may be better.

Looking for suppliers of 20×30 prints? Check out these sites:

20 x 30 photos at Ritz (for hobbyists and most of us)

20×30 prints prints at Nations Photo Lab (for professional photographers)

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